Lyrics - Run (SC)

Sascha Council - Es geht mir blendend


Lace up your shoes and start to run!


You never give up
You never give up
To be the fastest in line
And feel the stabbing pain still pushin through your legs


You just keep going on
You’ll never give up
you bend over backwards just to get where you want to go


You never give up
You just try to run
You never give up
you just want to have to run


Every muscle, every vein, and every tendon screams „Pain“
It’s better to run, it’s time to run so let us run , run, run!


It‘s a competition, right
And it feels alright
But it feels so nice
and theres no reason why


The finish’s near
Just a few more steps
But something is wrong, and i fell so numb

i can’t control my legs
The breath will take a break
Oh, It’s getin dark and i get real dizzy


Did i fly? It feels like i‘ve lost the the ground beneath my feet.
My heart breaks down, no blood will flow i need some air to breath
I should listen to the warning signs and now i’m dead? oh shit!


It was worth it to me
I have to keep going on
I have to pay my bill, because I want going on.


I never give up,
thats what i have to
I never give up, cause i try to win


My time is come
Just because i run,
Just because i run? But i allways want  
to run, run, run, run,…..


(Text: SaschaCouncil)