Lyrics - My tattoo (IC)

ImperialCouncil - Memories


Moved into this town, cause at the harbor I can found

Service to the crown, and look for women here around

But one thing I have recognized, it was a sign on some man’s neck

These men here at the harbor, with their tattoos large and black


After sunrise on their ship, I saw them raise the flag

When wind hits on the ship portside, the spooky flag waves back

Like the dockers they went to the work, and melt into the crowed

It seems to be they're one with them, 'til one of them screams loud


               Refr.:     The tattoo on the neck, the tattoo on the neck

                              Watch out for the men with the jackal painted black


In the dark and foggy alleys, the district of the thieves

The docker soon will disappear when the jackals ‘s in the near

No one likes to talk to them, no one likes to stay

It would be better to wait at the pier and watch them sail away


After half a year nothing changed and I’ve observed the jackal Men

A jackal-head like Anubis, on each neck is the same

Wearing the dirty clothes of a sailormen, they didn't seem to blame

Should I walk away, should I talk to them or just call the Police?


One sunny Friday afternoon I get hit by a car

The drunken driver just turned away and let me lay down in the dark

Suddenly two hands grab to me, help me to stand up

Wipe the dirt off of my brand new sign paint in black


Text: Sascha Council